Exel celebrates 30 years of innovation!

1985 seems like a distant memory now, and to a large degree it was like a different world; televisions only had 4 channels, a family home could be bought for £25,000, and the first .com domain in the world was registered.

Most things change, but it seems the last 30 years have seen that change accelerate exponentially; no more so than in the IT/Technology market, which Exel considers its field of expertise. It was back in 1985 that Dr John Ellis, Exel's founder and current Chairman, established Exel Computer Systems having recognised a distinct market need for capacity planning systems whilst working on research projects at PERA. This led to the development of the first version of EFACS, a Unix and Informix based software solution for capacity planning and manufacturing.

Since the company's inception in Nottingham in 1985, the team at Exel has been continuously developing, improving and expanding on that solution to stay at the leading edge of technological advances, and in many ways they have helped to deliver some of the advancements made within the manufacturing and service industries. Over the last 30 years EFACS has grown from a capacity planning and production solution into a fully integrated comprehensive business solution, incorporating full ERP, Financials, CRM, Field Service, Document Management, Business Intelligence, Workflow, and Mobile Applications.

Exel's longevity, a rare thing in the technology industry, can be attributed to the emphasis they place on continued product development and understanding real business needs through continuous support of, and close partnerships with their client base.

During the past 30 years Exel has supplied some of the best known manufacturing and service companies worldwide such as Royal Crown Derby, Triton Showers, Naim Audio, TT Group, James Fisher Nuclear, Meyer Group, Safestyle UK and Magellan Aerospace. These companies span many diverse industries and operate around the world. It is testimony to Exel's commitment to their customers that many of their earliest customers have upgraded to the latest version in order to benefit from Exel's investment in technology and the new features available.

To date, Exel has sold hundreds of systems, and there are thousands of users of their software in over 20 countries around the world, but the key to their success lies with being a technology led Software Author, which is as true today as it was back in 1985.

"A key factor in PEGL's ability to increase productivity and efficiencies was the implementation of an upgrade to our ERP system, supplied by Exel, to their 8.5 version of the EFACS solution. We had used EFACS 8.2 for over 15 years but the innovation brought by the new technology has allowed us to be more proficient in processes and has given a flexible and adaptable foundation to add in other functionality such as the QA module and touchscreen technology to the shopfloor." Marie Cooper, Financial Director, President Engineering Group. Winners of the Manufacturer of the Year Award 2014.

"We couldn't manage without a system like EFACS E/8, you couldn't do it. We've so much more to get out of EFACS E/8, not just within our own company but in terms of integrating with our customers and suppliers and their systems, extending its use and benefits, both up and down the supply chain." Alison Holland, IT Manager, Gordon Ellis & Co.

"EFACS E/8 has given us the stability and a platform to build on for the future, including the improved interconnectivity and visibility that we need for our corporate requirements." Phil Vere, President of Nordson DAGE.

"Not only can we mould EFACS E/8 around our current ideal processes, we can adapt these as the company continues to grow. We have already achieved our return on investment and know EFACS E/8 has much more to give." Simon Harre-Young, IT Manager, HV Wooding Ltd.

EFACS screenshots over the past 30 years:

Exel would like to thank all of their customers, suppliers, partners and employees for their continued support. Here's to the next 30 years!