Exel celebrates 30 years of innovation!

Exel Computer Systems plc, the UK-based author and developer of EFACS E/8 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, today announced a landmark achievement of 30 years' success in delivering innovative IT solutions for the manufacturing sector.

It was back in 1985 that Dr John Ellis, Exel's founder and current Chairman, established Exel Computer Systems having recognised a distinct market need for capacity planning systems whilst working on research projects at PERA. This led to the development of the first version of EFACS, a UNIX and Informix based software solution for capacity planning and manufacturing.

Since the company's inception in Nottingham in 1985, the team at Exel has been continuously developing, improving and expanding on that solution to stay at the leading edge of technological advances, and in many ways they have helped to deliver some of the advancements made within the manufacturing and service industries. Over the last 30 years, EFACS has grown from a capacity planning and production solution into a fully integrated comprehensive business solution, incorporating full ERP, Financials, CRM, Field Service, Document Management, Business Intelligence, Workflow, and Mobile Applications.

Jonathan Orme, Exel's Sales, Operations and Marketing manager, has been with the company for over 20 years and reflects on this significance of Exel's longevity, a rare thing in the technology industry.

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