ERP - What should you be looking for?

Exel Computer Systems plc provides an insight into the most important factors manufacturers are taking into consideration when deciding on their ERP investment.

This needs to be set against an ERP sector which has seen wide ranging consolidation over the past decade, inevitably leaving manufacturers with fewer products and vendors from which to choose. Not only do many solutions now look similar, they often promise the same level of functionality. The functionality considerations most often sought include real time Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), Workflow Management, fully integrated Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC), Field Service Management (FSM) capabilities and seamless integration up and down the supply chain. It goes without saying that the best solutions are expected to be built on the latest architecture and designed to be future-proof.

Faced with this, a growing number of manufacturers have made a high priority out of working with an UK author such as Exel. For some, such as Linecross, a full service supplier of innovative, high quality engineered polymer solutions, it was the decisive factor.

As finance director David Austin explains: "We quickly realised that most of the solutions we reviewed could probably do what we needed, which brought the focus onto the solution provider. An investment of this nature involves making a long-term partnership/collaboration with a supplier, because once the system is in you are reliant on them if anything goes wrong. We didn't want a system developed by a couple of guys in an office, nor did we want to deal with a large reseller of a US programme developed in India. We wanted to work with a partner that shared our ethos, our approach and our passion for our business."

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