Eagle Facilities Management Key Strengths

Contained within the Eagle Facilities Management solution are all the relevant modules required by a FM provider. Most facilities management solutions are reliant on a level of customisation by the supplier. What makes the Eagle Facilities Management solution different is we give that control to our users enabling you to make such changes yourselves, thereby maximising your investment in the software.

At the core of our solution lies toolset technology that future proofs your investment in Eagle Facilities Management. The built-in Workflow and Customisation Toolsets ensure that as your business processes change or your customer requirements grow, the Eagle Facilities Management solution can be adapted to meet these changes by empowering you to change the system without needing to involve the software author.

Combining the above with comprehensive Document Management and flexible management reporting modules, the Eagle Facilities Management solution not only enables you to react to customer demand, but just as importantly adapt the solution to your exact internal and external processes without compromise.

The Eagle Facilities Management system will make sure that you stay ahead of the competition and most importantly give your customers and your internal users the functionality they demand.

Core Technology

Customisation Toolkit

Eagle's Customisation Toolkit provides a powerful tool, developed by Exel to deliver new levels of flexibility to the solution.

Any customisation that you create exists on an additional layer which extends the core functionality of Eagle without the need to alter standard software. Customisations can range from the introduction of simple validation on fields to new panels and scrolling data sets for data entry and data display. Customisations are built upon the standard Eagle framework, providing customised functionality which behaves seamlessly with standard functionality.

Integrated Workflow

The Eagle Facilities Management Workflow functionality automates business procedures and improves operational efficiency. Workflow provides a framework for integrating the flow of a company's business procedures with the standard life-cycle of the software; allowing Eagle to be utilised more consistently with the users specific requirements of data flow through their system.

A Graphical User Interface (GUI) is provided for building a workflow model much like drawing a flow diagram in order to conveniently visualise the process path and the decisions required dependant on the outcome of certain events.

Properly incorporated into the day-to-day business of the company, Eagle Facilities Management Workflow delivers substantial business benefits.

Document Management

The retention, storage and accessibility of information within a business are critical to its efficiency, and will ultimately determine the speed at which an organisation responds to demands placed upon it. Today, organisations need to effectively manage an expanding array of document types, from letters, memos and emails through to specifications, designs, CAD drawings and other specialised documents.

The Document Management module within Eagle Facilities Management is a repository that provides quick, easy and efficient access to information in a secure, controlled and traceable manner. The ability of Eagle Facilities Management to comprehensively store and edit documentation in a standard and centralised manner encourages collaboration within an organisation within pre-defined, auditable business rules.

Management Reporting

At the heart of any operation, reporting is key in providing up to the minute management information, so decisions can be made quickly to add monetary value to the day to day operation.

As Eagle is used within your operation, data is collated over time to allow analysis within the organisation. Eagle provides an advanced and highly flexible set of tools to process large volumes of information, thus allowing decision makers to exert efficient and effective control of their business.

From integration with the Microsoft Office suite of programs, to allow any user to interact with your data, to detailed customer definable reporting toolsets, the Eagle Facilities Management solution will keep you in control all of the time.

Eagle Facilities Management Modules

Eagle Facilities Management Modules