Assisted Scheduling

The Eagle Assisted Scheduling board uses assisted scheduling to aid the operator in making the right engineer scheduling decision first time, every time. This ensures that not only is the operator more efficient, but that the best scheduling decisions are being made for the business – making the engineers' days more efficient and cost effective.

Scheduling should be an easy task for any member of a service team, but often, specialist knowledge about engineer availability is held with individuals within the team. The Eagle Field Service Scheduling Board helps to unlock that knowledge in order that it is shared amongst all users. The Assisted Scheduler is designed to be easy to use so that even operators that do not normally have exposure to the scheduling process, are automatically assisted in making the right decisions.

Business Benefits

  • Engineers spend less time travelling and more time on-site working
  • Optimisation of jobs booked on that day to ensure best business practice
  • More efficient operators making the best scheduling decisions
  • Rule engine that is tailored to your business requirements
  • At a glance access for operators and management of availability of engineers