Call/Case Management

The Eagle Call Centre Management module is a fully integrated lifecycle case management system that allows you to track, schedule and resolve new and existing customer support issues easily and effectively. The management of requests coming into the system caters for both customer requests that need to have time booked against them and then be allocated to an engineer as well as cases that can be logged and closed off straight away. Speed and ease of use are key features allowing call centre operators to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.

Business to Business & Business to Domestic Users

Within the Call Centre Management module there are powerful and versatile search facilities to enable the user to quickly find the correct customer record. This search function is also very effective when making enquiries on what actions have taken place on a case at any given point. Users can use filters to search by product model, date ranges of work & jobs, completed calls within specific time frames, by contact, case problem criteria, progress action points, resolution, to name a few.

When taking calls from domestic customers, users need to have the ability to log information without delay and ensure that customers receive good customer service. The key to this is an efficient call logging system that takes the user through the various stages of the call without delays or confusing screens and processes.

Business Benefits

  • Improved case visibility
  • Better utilisation of Call Centre staff
  • Intuitive, easy to use Case Wizard to simplify the logging process
  • Customer satisfaction on every call
  • Better flow of information resulting in a speedy outcome for the customer
  • Overall improved productivity