Document Management

The Document Management module within Eagle Field Service is a repository that provides quick, easy and efficient access to information in a secure, controlled and traceable manner.

Different document types such as contracts, specifications, quality standards, drawings, letters, emails and images may be held. Support is available for a wide range of formats such as Word, Excel, PDF, video, sound, images (JPG, MPG, GIF, etc.) and CAD formats such as DXF, DWG – in fact all formats supported within a browser environment.

The functionality within the software is not restricted to storing and viewing information. Revision management features and the ability to assign attributes to documents allow users to amend or interact with documents as part of a business process.


Business Benefits

  • Staff time is better utilised as associated documents are available where required
  • Improved retrieval time when sourcing information internally
  • Cost savings in paper and printing costs
  • Easier distribution of important documents to users
  • Full version control and traceability
  • Speed up business processes and enhance their quality
  • Document security provides better disaster recovery