Planned & Reactive Maintenance

Eagle provides a solution for companies with requirements for both Planned Maintenance (PM) and Reactive Maintenance models. The integrated nature of the system means that companies operating a Reactive Maintenance system can for example use the Call Centre module to take calls and then schedule visits from those calls using the Assisted Engineer Scheduler. Likewise the Planned Maintenance module allows companies to create a maintenance schedule for the entire duration of the maintenance contract, and provides companies with the power and tools to plan, schedule and manage all planned maintenance requirements.

The Engineer Scheduling Board shows engineer loading for both PM and reactive visits. The fully integrated nature of the solution ensures that companies know exactly which assets their customers have on site, they can track changes to those assets and create exact maintenance contract prices for those assets year on year.

Business Benefits

  • Resource planning for the entire contract period
  • Quickly and accurately schedule planned/preventative maintenance and service activities
  • Agree customer visit dates up front
  • Complete view of PM and reactive jobs facilitates improved customer service
  • Know how profitable each site / contract is to your business
  • Track all site and non-site related activities
  • Minimise the number of planned visits to reduce operating costs
  • Use of real-time Mobile Devices reduces administration and transposition errors
  • Make better strategic decisions based on more accurate data