Remote Worker

In this competitive and challenging business environment, it is vital that field engineers deliver exceptional service levels to customers. Remote working can lead to inefficiencies and inaccurate data and coupled with the need to maximise productivity, it can be difficult to meet agreed service levels. Eagle can answer this challenge with its Remote Worker functionality. The Remote Worker module allows service engineers real-time access to appointments, schedules and mobile data. Updates made by mobile users are relayed real-time to the back office management system, ensuring that company wide mobile data and office based information is unified throughout.

On & Off-line Working

Service Engineers are provided with real-time access to information; and can book activities via a series of events onto their mobile device. If an engineer is in an area that does not have mobile coverage or the device is off-line, data is seamlessly synchronised with the backoffice server when the device is back on-line. All information on the case is held on the device until the engineer has mobile coverage again.

Business Benefits

  • Accurate engineer & service data
  • Faster response times
  • Assists the engineer to order & prioritise their daily jobs
  • Eliminate paperwork & duplication
  • More efficient and effective field engineers
  • Improved productivity
  • On or off-line mobile devices
  • Optimised engineer routes