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ERP Software for Manufacturing

EFACS E/8 is a modern, fully integrated, flexible, browser-based ERP software solution encompassing a broad range of business functions. Built using the latest innovative internet technology, our solution incorporates a wide range of modules including Product Management, Change Control, Manufacturing, Production Planning, Material Requirements Planning (MRP), Finance, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Field Service, Document Management and many more.

EFACS E/8 can be run either in the cloud or on premise and is used by companies all around the world in many different industries. Easily customisable, either via the integral customisation toolkit or by the software authors themselves, EFACS E/8 delivers improved efficiency, visibility and organisational performance.

Some companies already benefitting from EFACS E/8: 


Modern companies must integrate a wide variety of departments and processes together in a way that works efficiently and productively. Customer relationships, orders, stock management, production and much more rely on smooth integration. That is where ERP software comes in and where our flagship EFACS E/8 excels, in a wide variety of manufacturing industries:

Fabricated products

Food industry
Forging and press work
General engineering
And many more

EFACS E/8 features

Service Oriented Architecture: One of the key strengths of EFACS E/8 is how flexible it is when it comes to integrating with your existing systems. The Service Oriented Architecture allows the EFACS system to work seamlessly with your company's current systems and with external partners. You and your partners can log into the browser-based system and update records, book appointments and do other essential tasks using your current systems.

Workflow: The EFACS E/8 Workflow module automates your business procedures and boosts efficiency. Workflow is an essential aspect of a successful business, ensuring that all orders go through smoothly and all administrative tasks are carried out as quickly and accurately as possible. Receipts of orders, automated emails, reminders and much more are all taken care of.

Mobile Solutions: In the manufacturing industry, staff will not always have access to a computer directly in front of them. With the EFACS system, mobile integration and support comes as standard, allowing your employees to access the systems they need to, from their smartphones and tablets.

Business Process Automation: EFACS reduces the time spent on small tasks, such as sending confirmation of orders, by linking up processes and automating them. It will ensure that if one task is completed, then the next step will be automatically done. More automation means more time for your employees to do other, more important tasks.

Document Management: It is crucial that all important business, personal and legal documents are stored securely and are easily accessible to the right people. Since EFACS E/8 integrates all of your systems, it also acts as a repository for all documents needed by employees to carry out their tasks. It is compatible with all normal formats supported by browsers. 

Customisation Toolkit: This is software that can be adapted to meet your particular business requirements. The EFACS system enables your staff to customise the functionality through the Toolkit, allowing them to create new applications, specific to the tasks required.

Business Intelligence and Reporting: The EFACS system provides clear reports, offering important information, presented to the employees who need it. A robust dashboard allows users to select and filter the exact information they need to put together reports. Users will have different access levels, ensuring that staff at various levels can see the information that is relevant to them.

Touchscreen Solutions: EFACS E/8 supports handheld, tablet and wall-mounted devices. It also works with integrated barcode readers to allow product and stock information to be processed with ease.

Audit Trail: Making sure that everything is recorded and accounted for, the EFACS E/8 Audit Trail module will let you log, track and investigate all of the data that is going through the system.


"What differentiates business systems is the ability to flex that system to your requirements, and that is a particular strength of the EFACS E/8 system."
Dave Green, Mettis Aerospace