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The EFACS E/8 Environment

EFACS E/8 is a comprehensive, flexible and fully integrated business solution. A broad range of business functions are available, including sales, purchasing, finance, production management, material control, planning, workflow, document management, CRM and electronic commerce.

Multi Sector

EFACS E/8 is a business solution that applies to many different types of company. It satisfies the requirements of discrete manufacturers from automotive, aerospace and electronics companies, who have strict requirements for traceability and engineering change management. It is also suitable for high volume schedule-driven component manufacturers who require lean manufacturing techniques to reduce work-in-progress and to provide Just-in-Time performance.

Multi Platform

Java applications such as EFACS E/8 are portable across many computer platforms. The famous slogan for Java applications is "Write Once, Run Anywhere". The software consists of a single suite of computer code, which will run on different combinations of server hardware and operating systems. EFACS software runs inside an Application Server which conforms to the Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) standard.

If JEE is available on a particular combination of hardware and operating system, then an application written to work with a Java Application Server will run successfully on that platform. Most modern platforms will support JEE.

Multi Language

EFACS E/8 has comprehensive facilities for running the system in multiple languages. System performance in second languages is identical to performance in English.

Different users on the same system can work in different languages if required. They can see the same data, and have the same functionality. This facility might be particularly useful to global operators with simultaneous system operation in different countries.

Users can modify delivered languages to suit precise local needs if required. This is the case in English, and with other languages. For example, a term such as "Part number" may be changed to "Product number" through the whole system, or "Warehouse" changed to "Depot".

Multi Company

In small and medium sized organisations one of the major advantages that EFACS E/8 provides is the integration of all business functions into a single integrated database.

For larger organisations which have a divisional structure there is also the option of using multiple trading and manufacturing companies each operating on multiple databases within the same EFACS E/8 system.

Each company's data may be kept separate, with optional consolidation in the financial ledgers, and merging of information in reports.

Multi Currency

EFACS E/8 contains comprehensive and extensive Multi Currency facilities. It also has powerful and highly configurable Multi Company and Multi Divisional features. This combination provides businesses with a solid platform to meet the requirement for financial consolidation across multiple EFACS installations, either locally or across different country and currency boundaries.