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EFACS E/8 Key Strengths

For future-proofing your investment and building your business, the latest EFACS E/8 software offers the following key strengths…

Highly Flexible

EFACS E/8 is a modern, powerful business solution, built with latest Internet technology. It has a component structure that enables an economic and precise fit to the most demanding of business requirements. The tabbed browser interface uses the latest AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) technologies to provide a smooth and fast user interface which operates on a wide range of servers, operating systems and leading databases.

Fit to your Business

Companies require that their IT systems are both comprehensive and can be adjusted at relatively low cost to fit their precise needs. This is not only in the case of initial implementation but also in the longer term. Business circumstances and IT needs will vary over time. The IT system should be adaptable to fit changing circumstances, without incurring significant time and cost penalties for the company. Due to its Variable Component Architecture and advanced customisation tools EFACS E/8 can be easily adapted to fit your exact requirements.

IT Integration

Companies may choose between competing IT strategies:- integrated solutions, or "best-of-breed" solutions. Best-of-breed solutions require integration between different software products, and the component parts of the combined systems will inevitably have varying characteristics. There may also be issues connected with new releases of the different products. An integrated solution is preferable, as it delivers seamless operation to the end-user. With EFACS E/8 you get a fully integrated solution, covering the widest possible range of business functions.