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What is EFACS E/8?

EFACS E/8 is a comprehensive, flexible and fully integrated business solution. It is a highly customisable, component based ERP software package built with latest internet technology. Due to its Variable Component Architecture EFACS E/8 can be easily adapted to fit any business' exact requirements.

Key business modules include:

Make and Engineer to Order

The powerful EFACS E/8 quotation facilities, are especially important for companies who produce components, assemblies or sub-assemblies to order. The bill-of-materials and routing features provide accurate pricing and product information. A quotation may be converted into a sales order and works orders. Prospect details, quotation bills of material and quotation routings are identified separately to the live manufacturing data. These items are automatically transferred to the live system when the enquiry becomes a firm order. Contract review facilities enable comprehensive management of sales, production, bills of material and routings. The comprehensive EFACS E/8 planning module will schedule production, including material management. It ensures that long lead-time materials and supplies arrive at the correct time. Finite and infinite scheduling will determine bottlenecks, and will recommend the resources required to satisfy demand.

Configure to Order

Some companies assemble products comprising a wide range of component parts and one or more generic bases onto which they are built. Perhaps only certain permutations of components are possible or the combination of some items and some bases is unacceptable. For companies with products like this the EFACS E/8 Product Configurator is ideal.

A generic bill of material is created within EFACS E/8 together with the associated routings. When a quotation or sales order is created this information is used by EFACS E/8 to build a bill of material and routing that is specific to the permutation that is being entered.

Pre-defined logic in EFACS E/8 validates the bills of material and routings, and leads the user through the configuration process. Hence a sales person with relatively little knowledge of the product can accurately quote valid configurations and pricing to customers. The quotation process, including cost roll-ups, can take place on the telephone whilst talking to the customer. Additionally, a sales person may quote an accurate due date, that can optionally include capacity and material constraints, using the EFACS E/8 Estimate Due Date feature.

Assemble to Order

A company that assembles-to-order may utilise the EFACS E/8 Product Configurator. Powerful Master Production Scheduling, Material Requirements Planning and advanced stocking policy features are available for planning product assembly and kit creation. The assemble-to-order features in EFACS E/8 are also suitable for the grouping of common sub-assemblies, and for creating production savings through economies of scale. Partially assembled goods can be planned, assembled and booked into stock, to await final completion. The manufacturer has the ability to rapidly deliver custom assemblies for customers. Comprehensive cost roll-up facilities allow companies to maintain a tight control of "planned", "actual", and "standard" costs.

Make to Stock

Inventory management is a key business function for companies making to stock. Control over material availability and stock levels is very important. The EFACS E/8 Master Production Scheduling (MPS) and Material Requirements Planning (MRP) modules work together to provide accurate planning and control of materials and products. The MPS module considers current demand including planned orders, actual orders, forecasts and schedules. It uses rough-cut capacity planning to group families of products, and to ensure your company has production capacity to achieve the medium term plan.

Make to Contract/Project

The Contract Control module is designed for companies who typically offer a design-to-order service. It provides a powerful system for defining a contract structure. A contract may consist of an unlimited number of contract components, and an unlimited number of levels. Estimated costs by cost head, together with expenses, action lists and documents may be defined for each contract component. A payment stream for staged payments may also be defined for the contract. Cost heads allow costs to be analysed in a flexible way. A cost ledger is automatically maintained. This details estimated, planned, actual and forecast costs, and these may be analysed by cost-head.