Document Management

The retention, storage and accessibility of information within a business are critical to its efficiency, and will ultimately determine the speed at which an organisation responds to demands placed upon it. Today, organisations need to effectively manage an expanding array of document types, from letters, memos and emails through to specifications, designs, CAD drawings and other specialised documents.

The Document Management module within EFACS and Eagle is a repository that provides quick, easy and efficient access to information in a secure, controlled, and traceable manner.

Different document types such as contracts, specifications, quality standards, drawings, letters, emails, and images may be held. Support is available for a wide range of formats such as Word, Excel, PDF, video, sound, images (JPG, MPG, GIF, etc.), and CAD formats; such as DXF, DWG – in fact all normal formats supported within a browser environment.

Remote Access 
The EFACS/Eagle system's browser capability enables users to access documents anywhere in the world via an internet enabled device, thus allowing staff to readily capture, submit, author, convert, share, and find documents of all types whilst working anywhere, at any time.

The ability of the EFACS/Eagle system to comprehensively store and edit documentation in a standard and centralised manner encourages collaboration within an organisation within pre-defined, auditable business rules.

Revision Management
The functionality within the software is not restricted to storing and viewing information. Revision Management allows for a number of different versions of a document to be retained and managed and allows the history of changes to be reviewed through user friendly previews of the documents.

The Document Management module links directly with Workflow to allow automatic document filing and document approval via tasks containing embedded documents which can be passed around individuals within a company. Externally, customers and suppliers can be sent all relevant information through Communications Tracking, automatically picking up the email to be sent and attaching the relevant documents and files associated to it. 

Business Benefits

• Staff time is better utilised as associated documents are available where required
• Improved retrieval time when sourcing information internally
• Cost savings in paper and printing costs
• Easier distribution of important documents to users
• Full version control and traceability
• Speed up business processes and enhance their quality
• Document security for better disaster recovery