Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

‘Enterprise Resource Planning' software, commonly known via its industry acronym, ‘ERP', is a complete end-to-end business software solution designed, essentially, to meet the core needs of a business operation; from purchasing to despatch; from prospect development through to final sale and aftercare; from product concept through to design, testing, manufacture, marketing, sales, and service.

EFACS E/8 has evolved from a Manufacturing Requirements Planning (MRP) system into a fully-fledged, integrated ERP system due to the development of new modules and functionality. EFACS E/8 has matured, along with the technology it relies on, to such a level that it is not only capable of managing the core tasks of a business, it has the ability to do everything in between, making it a true enterprise-wide solution. Tasks and incoming enquires can be logged and allocated automatically via workflows, audit trails kept, documents can be automatically read, actioned, and filed.

The features and functionality available in a modern ERP system make businesses more precise in their operation, more efficient in their processes, and provides the ability to enhance the level of service provided to your customer.

Business Benefits

• A single, integrated system based on a single database eliminates the need to synchronise multiple systems
• Information becomes visible across the whole organisation
• Provides a comprehensive enterprise-wide view of the business, allowing management decisions to be made on the basis of accurate, up-to-date information
• Creates a more agile company better suited to adapt to rapidly changing market conditions
• Improved system security by consolidating multiple systems into a single structure
• Seamless deployment of upgrades due to the nature of a single, stand-alone solution