The Capacity Planning module tackles one of the fundamental problems facing manufacturers, that of how to plan and control the complexities of manufacturing many jobs, each composed of a series of operations using limited resources. The output of a Capacity Plan run can be viewed and interacted with via the Interactive Planning and Scheduling Dashboard. This application takes the huge amount of data generated by the Capacity Planner and presents it to the user in an easy to comprehend, graphical dashboard.

Key Features

Designed with similar characteristics to common office applications, panels can be activated/de-activated or spread over dual monitors. Dockable/moveable panels allow the application to be configured to the individual user's requirements. The Interactive Planning and Scheduling Dashboard displays schedules by work centre (machine) and tells the user whether the work centre is under-utilised on a daily basis. In addition to viewing the output of the Capacity Planner, the Interactive Planning and Scheduling Dashboard also includes interactive functionality to monitor, adjust and optimise capacity utilisation. The dashboard allows many activities to be carried out from within the one application therefore increasing productivity. Users can run Capacity Planning and the Capacity Planning set up applications directly from within the dashboard.

Business Benefits

The Interactive Planning & Scheduling Dashboard offers a graphical method to take control of the shop floor. By easily allowing users to view the consequences of changes made to the production plan better informed decisions are able to be made.

  • Maximise shop floor utilisation
  • Manage the flow of work
  • Meet the delivery commitments
  • Highlight delays and problem jobs
  • Reduced setup and change-over times
  • Easily locate bottlenecks/production peaks
  • Reduced WIP and stock
  • Monitor Works Order completion dates
  • Manage tooling requirements
  • Improved forecast accuracy
  • Improved on-time deliveries and customer satisfaction