lobby with attack resistant screensDartford-based Safetell, a manufacturer and installer of security solutions such as bullet-resistant doors and partitions, and attack-resistant screens for use in banks realised it required tighter integration between its manufacturing system, which orchestrated the production of its products, and its field service system that managed the subsequent installation.

The Pegasus Opera manufacturing system which had been in use for almost two decades, was based on Microsoft’s Visual FoxPro database language. Tesseract, in use to manage the installation and service teams, was SQL-based and more modern. But the two systems were not properly integrated and required complex and manually-intensive data feeds in order to communicate at all.

A move to the modern SQL version of Opera would incur expenditure on migration and still leave a gap in regard to the required level of Field Service functionality. Whilst integration between an SQL version of Opera and Tesseract could be achieved, this would incur further costs and may never be completely seamless. A search for an integrated system capable of meeting the needs of the company as a whole was required.

Safetell conducted an extensive review of the market, creating a list of fifteen potential candidates. Exel’s EFACS E/8 won out, in part, due to its superior fit and functionality, with manufacturing and field service in a single integrated package being of huge benefit to Safetell.

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examples of protective glass from safetell

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