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Food and Beverage ERP Software

Rapid growth, greater use of automation and continued pressure to reduce costs in the food manufacturing industry has led to increased adoption of ERP manufacturing solutions that were previously seen as the preserve of engineers.

Food and Beverage ERP Software

In such a fast moving industry where perishable raw materials are used to manufacture shelf life dependent stock, and where traceability, transparency and customer service are paramount, it is natural that EFACS should prove so popular.

With successful implementations across a myriad of food industry sectors, Exel has a strong track record in providing fully integrated food manufacturing ERP software to the food industry. Sectors include, bakery, dairy, condiment, confectionary and many more.

EFACS’ flexible manufacturing modules are able to incorporate full batch control, recipe management, destructive testing and planned clean-down times between process runs.

Easy customisation of our EFACS ERP Software means that familiar user-friendly terminology can be used; works orders can become cooks plans, bills of materials become ingredients lists and routings become recipes.

EFACS’ functions for Document Management and Batch Traceability ensure that maintaining weights & measures records and quality assurance documentation could not be simpler. Procedures and documentation can be built into routing and methods to facilitate Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) methodologies. There is even the option to use EFACS’ Workflow module to enforce sign-offs and procedure compliance.

Client Case Study: Lactalis McLelland

As part of the Lactalis Group they became not only the UK’s second largest cheese producer and cheese merchant, but a major part of the global Lactalis Group. Lactalis McLelland distributes not only the Seriously® and Galloway brands of cheddar but a range of premium branded speciality cheeses, dairy products, yoghurts and deserts; including Président Brie, Emmental, butter and cream, Société, Lanquetot, Bridel, Salakis, ISTARA and Lou Pérac brands.

“All of our products have a specific shelf-life, which is quite long for hard cheeses but often quite short for the continental soft cheeses, butters, deserts and yogurts. Combine this with the fact that different customers have their own specific requirements for the proportion of shelf-life remaining on each product line once delivered, and it all becomes very complex. EFACS tells us exactly what to pick from which warehouse using a built-in set of rules, allowing us to fulfil any given customer’s order. It is absolutely spot on. It is no exaggeration to say that we simply could not have gone live without EFACS’ ‘Best before Date’ functionality, it was so important to our business.” John Breedon, Group IT Manager.

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