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Eagle Field Service

Eagle Field Service management software is leading the way in offering a flexible, reliable and advanced solution. Eagle Field Service has been developed using the latest software development technologies, we deliver unprecedented levels of visibility and control via our browser based field service software solution.

Field Service Management Software

Eagle Field Service management software provides a complete engineer scheduling, mobile management and back office solution, delivering real-time information and resources to field based engineers, directly to their touchscreen devices or mobile phones. Information can be quickly accessed and relayed by service engineers directly to the back office management system. Customer records and mobile data are unified throughout the company, providing up-to-date information across your business. Reactive and planned maintenance visits can be managed using the Eagle Assisted Scheduling solution. Users can monitor service engineer’s diaries, viewing their availability and optimum time slots.

Eagle Field Service management software delivers an end-to-end solution, giving companies the ability to increase efficiency and deliver a higher level of customer service, as well as building a competitive advantage, maximising profits. The key elements of the Eagle Field Service system consist of a feature packed Contact Management system, Warranty Service, Quotations, Engineer Scheduling, Remote Engineer applications, Workflow Management, Document Management, CRM, Purchasing, Stock Control, Finance and Engineer Tracking.

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Customisation Toolkit

Eagle’s Customisation Toolkit provides a powerful tool, developed by Exel to deliver new levels of flexibility to the solution.

Any customisation that you create exists on an additional layer which extends the core functionality of field service management software without the need to alter standard software. Customisations can range from the introduction of simple validation on fields to new panels and scrolling data sets for data entry and data display. Customisations are built upon the standard Eagle framework, providing customised functionality which behaves seamlessly with standard functionality.

Document Management

The retention, storage and accessibility of information within a business are critical to its efficiency, and will ultimately determine the speed at which an organisation responds to demands placed upon it. Today, organisations need to effectively manage an expanding array of document types, from letters, memos and emails through to specifications, designs, CAD drawings and other specialised documents.

The Document Management module within Eagle Field Service is a repository that provides quick, easy and efficient access to information in a secure, controlled and traceable manner. The ability of Eagle Field Service to comprehensively store and edit documentation in a standard and centralised manner encourages collaboration within an organisation within pre-defined, auditable business rules.


The Eagle Field Service Workflow functionality automates business procedures and improves operational efficiency. Workflow provides a framework for integrating the flow of a company’s business procedures with the standard life cycle of the software; allowing Eagle to be utilised more consistently with the users specific requirements of data flow through their system.

A Graphical User Interface (GUI) is provided for building a workflow model much like drawing a flow diagram in order to conveniently visualise the process path and the decisions required dependent on the outcome of certain events.

Properly incorporated into the day-to-day business of the company, Eagle Field Service Workflow delivers substantial business benefits.

Management Reporting

At the heart of any operation, reporting is key in providing up to the minute management information, so decisions can be made quickly to add monetary value to the day-to-day operation.

As Eagle Field Service Management Software is used within your field service management operation, data is collated over time to allow analysis within the organisation. Eagle provides an advanced and highly flexible set of tools to process large volumes of information, thus allowing decision makers to exert efficient and effective control of their business.

From integration with the Microsoft Office suite of programs, to allow any user to interact with your data, to detailed customer definable reporting toolsets, the Eagle Field Services solution will keep you in control all of the time.

Eagle Field Service Features

Business Intelligence

The Eagle Business Intelligence module is a solution for creating highly formatted reports and operational dashboards. In order to present real-time, personalised and pertinent information to management and staff, Eagle embeds KPIs and reporting into menu dashboards. These dashboards can display either BIRT reports or Microsoft Power BI reports.

Based on their permissions and roles, users can select different dashboard information to display within different modules in the system. Reports allow full drill-down to source data for increased efficiency of system navigation.

Graphical dashboards provide eye-catching modern visualisations to reflect different types of data, allowing users to easily identify anomalies and early warning signals, enabling them to react in a timely manner. Sales staff are able to gain insights into up-selling and cross-selling opportunities by mining customer data.

Financial Management

The Eagle Financial Management module provides a fully integrated financial system, and includes Nominal Ledger and Cash Book, Nominal Ledger Report Writer, Sales Ledger, Purchase Ledger, Product and Job Costing, Fixed Assets Register, Landed Costs and Multi-Company functionalities.

A single, integrated solution from one supplier brings a huge number of benefits, including increased accuracy, a single source of information, time savings and improved efficiency. All features are designed to be easy to use and highly flexible to enable optimum accounting as part and parcel of the Eagle business solution.

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a business strategy for managing your company’s interactions with external organisations. Exel’s CRM module will enable your employees to meet the challenges they face on a daily basis. With CRM you can organise, automate and analyse all business processes to do with marketing, sales, prospects, customers, opportunities, customer service, support services, in fact any business activity in which there is interaction with a prospect or customer. By providing your users with accurate, effective information you are providing them with the tools to nurture existing customers and find and win new business.

Planned & Reactive Maintenance

Eagle provides a field service management software solution for companies with requirements for both Planned Maintenance (PM) and Reactive Maintenance models. The integrated nature of the system means that companies operating a Reactive Maintenance system can for example use the Call Centre module to take calls and then schedule visits from those calls using the Assisted Engineer Scheduler. Likewise the Planned Maintenance module allows companies to create a maintenance schedule for the entire duration of the maintenance contract, and provides companies with the power and tools to plan, schedule and manage all planned maintenance requirements.

The Engineer Scheduling Board shows engineer loading for both PM and reactive visits. The fully integrated nature of the solution ensures that companies know exactly which assets their customers have on site, they can track changes to those assets and create exact maintenance contract prices for those assets year-on-year.

Remote Worker

In this competitive and challenging business environment, it is vital that field engineers deliver exceptional service levels to customers. Remote working can lead to inefficiencies and inaccurate data and coupled with the need to maximise productivity, it can be difficult to meet agreed service levels. Eagle can answer this challenge with its Remote Worker functionality. The Remote Worker module allows service engineers real-time access to appointments, schedules and mobile data. Updates made by mobile users are relayed real-time to the back office management system, ensuring that company-wide mobile data and office based information is unified throughout.

Service Engineers are provided with real-time access to information; and can book activities via a series of events onto their mobile device. If an engineer is in an area that does not have mobile coverage or the device is off-line, data is seamlessly synchronised with the back office server when the device is back on-line. All information on the case is held on the device until the engineer has mobile coverage again.

Assisted Scheduling

The Eagle Assisted Scheduling Board uses assisted scheduling to aid the operator in making the right engineer scheduling decision first time, every time. This ensures that not only is the operator more efficient, but that the best scheduling decisions are being made for the business – making the engineers’ days more efficient and cost effective.

Scheduling should be an easy task for any member of a service team, but often, specialist knowledge about engineer availability is held with individuals within the team. The Eagle Field Service Scheduling Board helps to unlock that knowledge in order that it is shared amongst all users. The Assisted Scheduler is designed to be easy to use so that even operators that do not normally have exposure to the scheduling process, are automatically assisted in making the right decisions.

Call / Case Management

The Eagle Call Centre Management module is a fully integrated life cycle case management system that allows you to track, schedule and resolve new and existing customer support issues easily and effectively via FSM software. The management of requests coming into the system caters for both customer requests that need to have time booked against them and then be allocated to an engineer as well as cases that can be logged and closed off straight away. Speed and ease of use are key features allowing call centre operators to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.

Within the Call Centre Management module there are powerful and versatile search facilities to enable the user to quickly find the correct customer record. This search function is also very effective when making enquiries on what actions have taken place on a case at any given point. Users can use filters to search by product model, date ranges of work & jobs, completed calls within specific time frames, by contact, case problem criteria, progress action points, resolution, to name a few.

When taking calls from domestic customers, users need to have the ability to log information without delay and ensure that customers receive good customer service. The key to this is an efficient call logging system that takes the user through the various stages of the call without delays or confusing screens and processes.

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The Eagle Field Service Environment

Eagle Field Service is a comprehensive, flexible and fully integrated business solution. A broad range of business functions are available, including sales, purchasing, finance, production management, material control, planning, workflow, document management, CRM and electronic commerce.

Eagle Field Service is a multi-platform application developed in Java which allows it to run on a wide range of different combinations of server hardware and operating systems. Eagle Field Service software runs inside an Application Server which conforms to the Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) standard.

Eagle Field Service has comprehensive facilities for running the system in multiple languages without any performance loss in other languages. Different users on the same system can work in different languages if required accessing the same data with the same functionality. This facility might be particularly useful to global operators with simultaneous system operation in different countries. Users can modify delivered languages to suit precise local needs if required.

In small and medium sized organisations one of the major advantages that Eagle Field Service FSM software provides is the integration of all business functions into a single integrated database. For larger organisations which have a divisional structure there is also the option of using multiple trading and manufacturing companies each operating on multiple databases within the same Eagle Field Service system. Each company’s data may be kept separate, with optional consolidation in the financial ledgers, and merging of information in reports.

Eagle Field Service contains comprehensive and extensive Multi-Currency facilities, it also has powerful and highly configurable Multi-Company and Multi-Divisional features. This combination provides businesses with a solid platform to meet the requirement for financial consolidation across multiple Eagle Field Service installations, either locally or across different country and currency boundaries.

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Eagle Field Service for Industry

Eagle Field Service software delivers consistent levels of control and visibility to a wide range of field service industries. The core elements of the Eagle Field Service management system include: A comprehensive Contact Management System, Warranty Service, Engineer Scheduling, Remote Engineer applications and Document Management. A request for a visit may arise from a scheduled visit, a call centre case, a warranty visit or an ad hoc request. Eagle Field Service allows this job to be quoted, logged, scheduled, tracked, costed and finally for an invoice to be generated.

Eagle Field Service FSM software uses the latest innovative internet technology to provide accurate, reaI-time information to field based engineers and sophisticated management applications for back office operators and management. At the core of our Field Service Management software are the Management Reporting, Document Management, Workflow and Customisation Toolkit modules. This underlying technology provides the basis for increased operational efficiency and productivity, leading to improved customer service.

Client Case Study: Safestyle UK

With 13 installation and 36 sales branches around the UK, and a 600-employee factory manufacturing over 6,000 doors and windows each week, Bradford-headquartered Safestyle is one of the country’s leading businesses in the replacement door and window market.

But by late 2013, the company recognised that it needed to update its FSM software and aftersales customer service capabilities, which had become spread over three distinct systems, giving rise to inefficiencies and data duplication.

The core system was a decade-old customer care system, directly fed from Safestyle’s ERP system, which handled maintenance work associated with the ten-year guarantee that Safestyle offers its customers.

Read Case Study


Exel has drawn on its rich experience and expertise of over 600 successful business management implementations around the world to ensure that companies using Eagle Field Service are best placed to overcome the challenges not only of the current business environment but those that will emerge in the future.

At the heart of this is a true end-to-end mobile management solution that provides real-time information and resources to field based engineers, delivered direct to their mobile or touchscreen device.

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Empowering our Customers

Service Oriented Architecture

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) allows integration of the Eagle system with other systems within the organisation and with external partners. Eagle provides a web service for use by Third Party software to interrogate and update data within the Eagle system.

An example use for this technology would be a company website displaying available engineer time slots and then allowing the end user to book an engineer to carry out a visit. SOA enables streamlining of your business processes and facilitates increased interaction between you and your clients or suppliers.

Remote Management

Understanding what information is passing between devices and the back office is essential for auditing purposes. Data passed between the back office and the mobile device is securely encrypted to protect all information, and every communication and synchronisation event is logged from the back office application for full transparency.

Defined events that are sent back from a field operative can additionally contain GPS co-ordinates to facilitate basic tracking requirements to establish engineer whereabouts at the point of communication.

Supply Chain

Eagle Field Service Management software provides a comprehensive Supplier Relationship Management capability. The fully integrated Purchasing, Vendor Rating and Quality Concerns functionality provides users with the ability to score supplier performance, procure component parts and materials, and then record and progress quality incidents within the organisation.

Automatic procedures exist for placement, dispatch and receipt of purchase orders, making the system simple to use and efficient in operation. For organisations where complex orders are involved, there is the option to use the Requisitions and Tendering module as an extension to standard Purchase Order Processing.

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