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The videos below give you a greater insight into our company and the products and services we offer. You will find information on Exel, EFACS and Eagle Field Service, as well as various different case studies.

Introducing Exel

Take a tour of Exel Computer Systems plc. See the UK site & offices and meet the teams involved in developing our market leading ERP and Field Service Management business software.

Exel Product Overview

Short overview video giving an insight into Exel Computer Systems plc. An introduction to EFACS E/8 ERP for manufacturing companies and Eagle Field Service for organisations with a service requirement.

Exel Launches EFACS 8.6

Exel Computer Systems plc, the UK’s leading author of integrated ERP and Field Service software, announce the release of their latest version, EFACS 8.6.

EFACS E/8 Overview

EFACS E/8 is a modern, fully integrated, flexible ERP software solution encompassing a broad range of business functions aimed at driving improved efficiency, visibility and organisational performance.

Eagle Field Service Overview

Eagle Field Service is leading the way in advanced and flexible field service management software. Built using the latest innovative internet technology our solution delivers unprecedented levels of control and visibility to field service businesses.

Ondrives ERP Case Study

Manufacturer of gearboxes and associated parts explain the reason behind, as well as the benefits of, selecting and implementing the EFACS E/8 fully integrated ERP system from Exel Computer System plc.

Royal Crown Derby ERP Case Study

Royal Crown chose the integrated ERP system EFACS from leading UK software author Exel Computer Systems. They now have excellent controls in place and consequently their standing has improved immeasurably in the marketplace.

Mini Gears ERP Case Study

As Mini Gears expanded they realised their current ERP systems weren’t adequate. They needed to integrate their sales, purchasing and finance. EFACS gave them what they needed with the added benefit that Exel Computer Systems plc are a UK based software author.

Clamason ERP Case Study

Describes how EFACS, from UK based ERP software author, Exel Computer Systems plc, helped make Clamason more efficient and also helped improve turnover.