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EFACS E/8 - ERP Software

EFACS E/8 is a comprehensive and flexible business solution. It is a highly customisable, component based Enterprise Resource Planning software package built with latest internet technology. Due to its Variable Component Architecture EFACS E/8 can be easily adapted to fit the exact requirements of any business.

ERP Software Solution

EFACS E/8 is a modern, comprehensive, flexible, browser based ERP software solution encompassing a broad range of business functions. Built using the latest innovative internet technology, our solution incorporates a wide range of modules including Product Management, Change Control, Manufacturing, Production Planning, Material Requirements Planning (MRP), Finance, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Field Service, Document Management and many more.

EFACS E/8 can be run either in the cloud or on-premises and is used by companies all around the world in many different industries. Easily customisable, either via the integral customisation toolkit or by the software authors themselves, EFACS E/8 delivers improved efficiency, visibility and organisational performance.

Modern companies must integrate a wide variety of departments and processes together in a way that works efficiently and productively; Enterprise Resource Planning software offers a solution. Customer relationships, orders, stock management, production and much more rely on smooth integration of an enterprise resource planning system and operations.

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Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning software, commonly known by its industry acronym, ‘ERP’, is a complete end-to-end business software solution designed, essentially, to meet the core needs of a business operation; from purchasing to despatch; from prospect development through to final sale and aftercare; from product concept through to design, testing, manufacture, marketing, sales, and service.

EFACS E/8, Exel’s ERP software, has evolved from a Manufacturing Requirements Planning (MRP) system into a fully-fledged, integrated ERP system due to the development of new modules and functionality. EFACS E/8 has matured, along with the technology it relies on, to such a level that it is not only capable of managing the core tasks of a business, it has the ability to do everything in between, making it a true enterprise-wide solution. Tasks and incoming enquires can be logged and allocated automatically via workflows, audit trails kept, documents can be automatically read, actioned, and filed.

The features and functionality available in a modern Enterprise Resource Planning system make businesses more precise in their operation, more efficient in their processes, and provides the ability to enhance the level of service provided to your customer.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a business strategy for managing your company’s interactions with external organisations. Exel’s CRM module will enable your employees to meet the challenges they face on a daily basis. With CRM you can organise, automate and analyse all business processes to do with marketing, sales, prospects, customers, opportunities, customer service, support services, in fact any business activity in which there is interaction with a prospect or customer. By providing your users with accurate, effective information you are providing them with the tools to nurture existing customers and find and win new business.


  • Know which are the most profitable and effective marketing campaigns
  • Understand which is the most effective communication method for each customer
  • Maximise the most profitable customers
  • Customer satisfaction – which customers are most and least content
  • Knowledge of which customers you can cross sell and up-sell to and with which product

Field Service

For any field service business, it is essential that your engineers ‘in the field’ have the most up-to-date information available to them. Eagle Field Service can provide real-time data and information directly to their touchscreen devices and mobile phones.

It is equally important that they are able to quickly and efficiently relay information directly to the back office systems, ensuring the data is fresh and customer information is unified throughout the company.

Eagle Field Service is a comprehensive software solution that can vastly improve how your field service engineers carry out their work. It is designed to keep your employees fully informed, and ensures that they have access to all the resources they require, increasing their efficiency and reducing time wasted.

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The Exel financial suite consists of a comprehensive range of accounting modules that ensure accurate, real-time, cohesive financial management for your Enterprise Resource Planning software and business. Key finance modules include high-performance Nominal, Sales and Purchase Ledger and Fixed Assets modules, all of which are seamlessly integrated with one another.

All of our financial modules are characterised by ease of use and high functionality and flexibility. We have taken a modern approach to ledger software design, incorporating high resolution reporting, powerful data mining and cutting-edge online analytical processing (OLAP).

When it comes to product and job costing, our ERP software has two specific modules for handling the demands of the manufacturing industry. The Product Costing module generates a rolled up standard cost based on routing and bills of materials, while the Job Costing module provides reports using up-to-date information from the Stock Control, Purchase Order Processing and Work in Progress modules.

Multi-company features such as intra-group trading and group transaction drill-down promote efficiency and take a streamlined approach, providing accurate financial information and profit pictures for the whole group.

EFACS E/8 Features


The EFACS E/8 Workflow module automates your business procedures and boosts efficiency. Workflow is an essential aspect of a successful business, ensuring that all orders go through smoothly and all administrative tasks are carried out as quickly and accurately as possible. Receipts of orders, automated emails, reminders and much more are all taken care of through the enterprise resource planning system.

Touchscreen Solutions

EFACS E/8 supports handheld, tablet and wall-mounted devices. It also works with integrated barcode readers to allow product and stock information to be processed with ease.

Document Management

It is crucial that all important business, personal and legal documents are stored securely and are easily accessible to the right people. Since EFACS E/8 integrates all of your systems, it also acts as a repository for all documents needed by employees to carry out their tasks. It is compatible with all normal formats supported by browsers.

Mobile Solutions

In the manufacturing industry, staff will not always have access to a computer directly in front of them. With the EFACS ERP system, mobile integration and support comes as standard, allowing your employees to access the systems they need to, from their smartphones and tablets.

Audit Trail

Making sure that everything is recorded and accounted for, the EFACS E/8 Audit Trail module will let you log, track and investigate all of the data that is going through the system.


EFACS E/8 has comprehensive facilities for running the Enterprise Resource Planning software in multiple languages. System performance in second languages is identical to performance in English.

Customisation Toolkit

This is ERP software that can be adapted to meet your particular business requirements. The EFACS system enables your staff to customise the functionality through the Toolkit, allowing them to create new applications, specific to the tasks required.

Business Process Automation

EFACS reduces the time spent on small tasks, such as sending confirmation of orders, by linking up processes and automating them. It will ensure that if one task is completed, then the next step will be automatically done. More automation means more time for your employees to do other, more important tasks.

Business Intelligence

The EFACS ERP software system provides clear reports, offering important information, presented to the employees who need it. A robust dashboard allows users to select and filter the exact information they need to put together reports. Users will have different access levels, ensuring that staff at various levels can see the information that is relevant to them.

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The EFACS E/8 Environment

EFACS E/8 is a comprehensive, flexible and fully integrated business solution. A broad range of business functions are available, including sales, purchasing, finance, production management, material control, planning, workflow, document management, CRM and electronic commerce.

EFACS E/8 is a multi-platform application developed in Java which allows it to run on a wide range of different combinations of server hardware and operating systems. EFACS software runs inside an Application Server which conforms to the Java Enterprise Edition (JEE) standard.

EFACS E/8 has comprehensive facilities for running the system in multiple languages without any performance loss in other languages. Different users on the same system can work in different languages if required accessing the same data with the same functionality. This facility might be particularly useful to global operators with simultaneous system operation in different countries. Users can modify delivered languages to suit precise local needs if required.

In small and medium sized organisations one of the major advantages that EFACS E/8 ERP software provides is the integration of all business functions into a single integrated database. For larger organisations which have a divisional structure there is also the option of using multiple trading and manufacturing companies each operating on multiple databases within the same EFACS E/8 system. Each company’s data may be kept separate, with optional consolidation in the financial ledgers, and merging of information in reports.

EFACS E/8 contains comprehensive and extensive Multi-Currency facilities, it also has powerful and highly configurable Multi-Company and Multi-Divisional features. This combination provides businesses with a solid platform to meet the requirement for financial consolidation across multiple EFACS installations, either locally or across different country and currency boundaries.

Manufacturing Methodology

Make and Engineer-to-Order

The powerful EFACS E/8 quotation facilities, are especially important for companies who produce components, assemblies or sub-assemblies to order. The bill-of-materials and routing features provide accurate pricing and product information. A quotation may be converted into a sales order and works orders. Prospect details, quotation bills of material and quotation routings are identified separately to the live manufacturing data. These items are automatically transferred to the live system when the enquiry becomes a firm order. Contract review facilities enable comprehensive management of sales, production, bills of material and routings. The comprehensive EFACS E/8 planning module will schedule production, including material management. It ensures that long lead-time materials and supplies arrive at the correct time. Finite and infinite scheduling will determine bottlenecks, and will recommend the resources required to satisfy demand.


Some companies assemble products comprising a wide range of component parts and one or more generic bases onto which they are built. Perhaps only certain permutations of components are possible or the combination of some items and some bases is unacceptable. For companies with products like this the EFACS E/8 Product Configurator is ideal. A generic bill of material is created within EFACS E/8 together with the associated routings. When a quotation or sales order is created this information is used by EFACS E/8 to build a bill of material and routing that is specific to the permutation that is being entered.

Pre-defined logic in EFACS E/8 validates the bills of material and routings, and leads the user through the configuration process. Hence a sales person with relatively little knowledge of the product can accurately quote valid configurations and pricing to customers. The quotation process, including cost roll-ups, can take place on the telephone whilst talking to the customer. Additionally, a sales person may quote an accurate due date, that can optionally include capacity and material constraints, using the EFACS E/8 Estimate Due Date feature.


A company that assembles-to-order may utilise the EFACS E/8 Product Configurator. Powerful Master Production Scheduling, Material Requirements Planning and advanced stocking policy features are available for planning product assembly and kit creation. The assemble-to-order features in EFACS E/8 ERP software are also suitable for the grouping of common sub-assemblies, and for creating production savings through economies of scale. Partially assembled goods can be planned, assembled and booked into stock, to await final completion. The manufacturer has the ability to rapidly deliver custom assemblies for customers. Comprehensive cost roll-up facilities allow companies to maintain a tight control of “planned”, “actual”, and “standard” costs.


Inventory management is a key business function for companies making to stock. Control over material availability and stock levels is very important. The EFACS E/8 Master Production Scheduling (MPS) and Material Requirements Planning (MRP) modules work together to provide accurate planning and control of materials and products. The MPS module considers current demand including planned orders, actual orders, forecasts and schedules. It uses rough-cut capacity planning to group families of products, and to ensure your company has production capacity to achieve the medium term plan.

Make-to-Contract / Project

The Contract Control module of EFACS E/8 Enterprise Resource Planning software is designed for companies who typically offer a design-to-order service. It provides a powerful system for defining a contract structure. A contract may consist of an unlimited number of contract components, and an unlimited number of levels. Estimated costs by cost head, together with expenses, action lists and documents may be defined for each contract component. A payment stream for staged payments may also be defined for the contract. Cost heads allow costs to be analysed in a flexible way. A cost ledger is automatically maintained. This details estimated, planned, actual and forecast costs, and these may be analysed by cost-head.

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EFACS E/8 for Industry

EFACS E/8 is a business Enterprise Resource Planning solution that applies to many different types of company. For example, it satisfies the requirements of discrete manufacturers from automotive, aerospace and electronics companies, who have strict requirements for traceability and engineering change management. It is also suitable for high volume schedule-driven component manufacturers who require lean manufacturing techniques to reduce work-in-progress and to provide Just-in-Time performance.

The number of industry sectors using EFACS E/8 continues to grow. With hundreds of successful implementations, and thousands of users, EFACS is a proven product helping to run some of the world’s most well known companies.

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Client Case Study: James Fisher Nuclear

When James Fisher Nuclear Limited set ambitious growth targets it needed the right Enterprise Resource Planning system to support the business. Thanks to EFACS E/8, the company has introduced tighter management controls, gained full visibility of costs through real-time data and can easily modify the enterprise resource planning system.

“EFACS manages the risk. It protects our margin and the performance of the project. We now have total control of allocation of resources.” Paul Rivans, Business Improvement Manager.

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EFACS E/8 is a modern, powerful business solution, built with latest internet technology. It has a component structure that enables an economic and precise fit to the most demanding of business requirements. It is browser, XML and Java based, and operates on a wide range of servers, operating systems and leading databases.

Get to know our EFACS E/8 Enterprise Resource Planning systems in more detail by viewing our product brochure. Our product brochure has further information regarding our software solutions and explore the wide range of features and functionality that benefit your business operations.

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EFACS E/8 Key Strengths

Highly Flexible

EFACS E/8 is a modern, powerful business solution, built with latest internet technology. It has a component structure that enables an economic and precise fit to the most demanding of business requirements. The tabbed browser interface uses the latest AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) technologies to provide a smooth and fast user interface which operates on a wide range of servers, operating systems and leading databases.

Fit to your Business

Companies require that their IT systems are both comprehensive and can be adjusted at relatively low cost to fit their precise needs. This is not only in the case of initial implementation but also in the longer term. Business circumstances and IT needs will vary over time. The IT system should be adaptable to fit changing circumstances, without incurring significant time and cost penalties for the company. Due to its Variable Component Architecture and advanced customisation tools EFACS E/8 can be easily adapted to fit your exact requirements.

IT Integration

Companies may choose between competing IT strategies: integrated solutions, or “best-of-breed” solutions. Best-of-breed solutions require integration between different software products, and the component parts of the combined systems will inevitably have varying characteristics. There may also be issues connected with new releases of the different products. An integrated solution is preferable, as it delivers seamless operation to the end-user. With EFACS E/8 ERP software you get a fully integrated solution, covering the widest possible range of business functions.

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