Are you a manufacturer who services, repairs or installs your products?

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If you have answered yes to this question, there is a good chance you have two separate solutions. One to manage your manufacturing/production process and one for your Field Service requirements. Should this be the case, please read further to understand the benefits a single, fully integrated solution can bring to your operation as a whole.

EFACS E/8 from UK based software author Exel is a fully integrated ERP and Field Service Management (FSM) solution. There are others out there, but Exel was amongst the first – Exel was established in 1985 with a passion for providing a leading-edge solution for manufacturers. As such, Exel has 30 years’ experience in the manufacturing and business solution arena and 12 years’ within the FSM market – arguably the most important 12 years of the FSM market, following the advent of smartphones and tablets.

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So, how do you differentiate between the solutions in the market? EFACS E/8 has been developed in its entirety as a single, fully integrated solution since day one. When we decided to add FSM functionality as a major feature, we took the time to research the market and its needs, we headhunted industry professionals who had a wealth of knowledge. With this knowledge and foresight, paired with the systems, technology, business procedures and best practice knowledge that Exel has, we were able to create a market leading FSM product – fully integrated within our ERP solution, providing our clients the best of both worlds, in one.

The advantage over our competition? A lot of the solutions you’ll find that can cover both manufacturing and FSM are two separate systems that have been bolted together. The FSM element could have been obtained through acquisition, rebadged and then linked to the ERP product to create a form of integration between ERP and FSM. Exel believe that one single, integrated system provides the best solution for companies looking to run a seamless, joined-up operation.

Our customers think the same:

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“With everything carried out within EFACS, we’d be seeing a ‘single version of the truth’, thereby eliminating debates about which system had the right data. What that has given us is a centralised system for both manufacturing and field service: everything that we need is there in one seamless system, stretching all the way from the sales function to the service function.”
Zohair Ahmed, IT Business Systems Manager, Bioquell – view case study here

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“Compared to our previous systems, we’re comfortably handling a higher workload, without requiring any more administrative employees. Everything is connected and integrated.”
Andy Norris, IT Manager, Safetell – view case study here

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“EFACS E/8 has enabled us to grow quite rapidly, the service division is using the system more thoroughly than ever.”
Az Yasin, IT and Communications Manager, Dale Power Solutions – view case study here




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