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Hampshire-based environmental filtration and infection control manufacturer for the Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences & Healthcare markets, Bioquell has been a satisfied user of Exel Computer Systems’ EFACS E/8 ERP system since 1995.

But no business stands still – and in the search for even greater efficiencies, enhanced integration and the adoption of emerging new technologies, it has been necessary for the original system to be significantly extended and upgraded.

Most recently, explains Bioquell’s IT Business Systems Manager, Zohair Ahmed, the company made the decision to upgrade from EFACS E/8 version 8.5.6 to the latest version, 8.6.1.

With the company since 2015, Zohair was aware of Bioquell’s long history with Exel, and the evolution of Exel’s system footprint within the business over that time.

In particular, he explains, he was keen to eliminate some of the customisation that had taken place within the previous version, and return Bioquell to the standard EFACS solution.

Another goal, he adds, was to move away from stand-alone third-party shopfloor data collection, and embrace the newly-updated shopfloor data collection functionality in EFACS. Finally, the plan was to also take advantage of the additional reporting functionality offered by EFACS E/8 version 8.6.1, which would help to eliminate a series of ‘bolt on’ spreadsheets that had been developed.

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