Exel Computer Systems plc were one of the first ERP authors to redevelop their solution as a platform independent, browser based ERP software, this means we have over a decade’s experience writing and supporting web-enabled software. This has provided many benefits to both our on-premises installed clients as well as our hosted/cloud clients.

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EFACS E/8 coupled with our market leading hosting partner provides the ideal hosted ERP solution for manufacturers. A hosted solution is of course off-premises and accessed via an internet connection, as such only truly web enabled software can make the most of this solution. Early on Exel recognised the limitations of the traditional ‘client-server’ technology where the business software would be installed on the server, and then corresponding client software would be installed on each client PC to allow the user access to the server.

Even before cloud/hosted solutions became the vogue the browser based approach offered numerous advantages to our clients, such as:

  • Removed the need to install software patches and upgrades on each client PC as the software resides on the server and is accessed via a browser
  • Improved security
  • Reduced training due to the familiar user interface

As with our on-premises installed clients, our hosted clients simply connect via a browser installed on their PC’s to a hosted EFACS E/8 server, their end user experience remains unchanged.

Hosting Partner

Exel’s partner, iomart, is a leading information technology and cloud computing company that was founded in 1998. Today iomart Group has eight UK and eighteen international data centre locations providing the perfect disaster recovery/off site solution, all connected by their own lightning fast and un-contended fibre backbone. iomart are fully ISO9001, ISO20000 and ISO27001 certified and hold professional accreditations with key partners Microsoft, VMware, Dell, EMC and Asigra.

Our solution is hosted in a Tier 3 iomart data centre, which offers the most cost-effective solution for the majority of businesses.

A Tier 3 data centre includes:

  • Redundant components
  • Multiple power and cooling distribution paths (one path active)
  • Concurrently maintainable site infrastructure with expected availability of 100%

By partnering with the UK’s leading cloud computing company, Exel are able to offer our customers the highest levels of scalability, security and resilience for their business. If however you wish to use your current or preferred hosting supplier we are happy to discuss this.

Advantages of a hosted solution


If hardware or bandwidth requirements change then resource can be provided as required. With on-premises deployments large hardware and software investments can be required, and may not be easily scaled back or increased when needs change.

Security/Disaster Recovery/Maintenance

When a company decides to adopt a hosted solution they no longer need to manage their own disaster recovery plans in the same way. As the business system and business data is physically located away from the company, any disasters that effect the company do not directly impact on the business system. The business system can still be accessed from devices with an internet connection.

Your business no longer has responsibility for the following:

  • Physical security of the server
  • Maintaining the electricity supply and correct temperature of the hardware
  • Backing up the server
  • Administering software patches
  • Performance tuning
  • Hardware failure
  • Flood, Fire, etc.


Hosted solutions are typically sold as ‘pay as you go’ known as ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS). This has an impact on the need for large upfront capital expenditure at the start of a project and can instead be spread over the life time of a project as a known operating cost.

To read further see our Hosted Solution Datasheet.

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