Data centre - iomart's cloud hosting solutionNo regrets! The kind of outcome we all hope for; occasionally it happens.

Recently, we at Exel have given some thought to the decision we took back in 2014 to partner with iomart in order to be able to offer the deployment of our innovative business management solutions via the Cloud.

The decision at the time, whilst being hugely important, was a relatively straightforward and simple one.

It was of course a hugely important decision due to the fact that our clients would be relying on a technology partner that Exel recommended, if that partner didn’t deliver all that we promised it could potentially jeopardise their business and effect their relationship with Exel.

We do of course allow our clients to choose their own route to the Cloud, should they wish. We are, however, extremely pleased that following their own research of the market our clients have come to the same conclusion that we did – that iomart are here to stay and are willing to continue to provide above and beyond what is required.

The benefits of a hosted solution should be well-known by now. The early adopters took the plunge and soon realised the reality of being on the cloud was far from scary – in fact, it proved highly beneficial to their business.

As the business system and the business data is physically located away from the company, any disasters that affect the company do not directly impact on the business system. This makes disaster recovery planning more straight forward.

Administering software patches, back-ups, maintaining the correct server environment, worrying about hardware failures and keeping up to date with security developments are all a thing of the past. If EFACS on the cloud is bought as a ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS), you can also free up cashflow as there is no need for large upfront capital expenditure.

If you are considering EFACS E/8, or already use EFACS E/8 but wish to change your deployment to the cloud, then get in touch and we will introduce you to iomart – they will soon convince you that we made the right decision to partner with this ever-expanding, future-focused business.

Here’s to the next five years!

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