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Part of German-owned ELG Haniel, ELG Carbon Fibre was founded in 2011 to create and operate the world’s first – and largest – carbon fibre recycling plant. In late 2018 the Mitsubishi Corporation acquired a 25% stake in ELG, this partnership will increase ELG’s channels to market.

Based in Coseley, in the West Midlands, ELG takes in scrap carbon fibre – carbon fibre waste, part-used bobbins, off-cuts of ‘pre-pregs’ and laminates – and turns them into usable carbon fibre products for the aerospace, rail and automotive industries. By 2016, the growth that the business had experienced led to a realisation that its existing systems – essentially the Sage 50 accounting suite, Salesforce CRM and a significant number of spreadsheets – were no longer adequate for its needs.

“The business had reached the size where the need for a proper stock control system had become imperative,” recalls ELG Carbon Fibre’s IT Manager Nick Bott, who had recently joined the company. “Plus, it was also obvious that spreadsheets didn’t provide the proper controls, structure and disciplines that the business needed.”

Click here to read the case study in full to see the reasons behind ELG selecting EFACS E/8, as well as the benefits achieved.ELG mix for CS

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