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One question that many companies ask when they are considering implementing an ERP system is: will it give us a competitive advantage? The benefits that an ERP system can bring in terms of the everyday running of an organisation are well-known, but many companies want to know whether ERP will help them gain the upper hand over their competitors.

The short answer is: yes. ERP is the future – using a legacy system immediately puts you at a disadvantage. There are many ways in which ERP software helps your business to run more efficiently, allows you to be more flexible and adaptive, save money and thus offer better products, service and prices than your competitors.

1. ERP systems can be tailored to your business to help you succeed

One of the key ways in which ERP software can unlock the potential of a business is by offering solutions that are specifically tailored to your company and what it does. In particular, if you choose a highly adaptive software such as Exel’s EFACS or Eagle Field Service, you can invest in modules and functionalities that fit your business – which is much better than a ‘one size fits all’ solution.

2. Increased accuracy allows for greater efficiency

Implementing an ERP system for your business means that more processes can be automated and a higher level of accuracy can be achieved. All of this leads to efficiency and cost savings that can lead to increased profitability, or a competitive edge through savings that you can pass on to your customers in the form of cheaper prices.

Firstly, the centralisation of all information allows you to run your business better, without the need to rely so much on paper and spreadsheets. When all information is stored in a single place in the ERP system, you can easily identify and tally costs and offer your customers more accuracy when it comes to project completion and delivery dates. Furthermore, the ability to automate all of your procedures and processes saves time, money and reduces the margin for human error.

3. More information offers insights for better decision making

A major advantage of ERP systems is the amount of data they provide you with. Real-time data and reporting means that you constantly have all relevant company information at your fingertips. This increased visibility of stock and supplies means you can clearly see what you have and what you need, and therefore, what promises you can make to your customers. The easier access to extremely accurate and reliable data also means that you can react quickly to change and make informed, timely decisions.

4. ERP software allows you to run “Lean”

Lean manufacturing is standard practice for many companies – or at least something they are striving to implement. ERP software is a great facilitator of lean production. The increased availability and visibility of real-time data helps companies fulfill the principles of lean: only purchasing what is required when it is required, freeing up cash flow and reducing stock in stores.

5. ERP solutions are prerequisites for agile manufacturing

Another growing trend in manufacturing is agile. Agile manufacturing allows companies to react to market changes and customer needs whilst still controlling costs. Research has shown that more and more businesses are seeing agile manufacturing as a prerequisite for competitiveness, and that ERP solutions are essential for implementing agile strategy.

6. Hosted solutions take a weight off your mind

With Exel, your ERP software can be run as a hosted solution. This means that you don’t need to worry about hardware/bandwidth scalability, security, disaster recovery or maintenance. You can concentrate on running a successful, competitive business, reaping all the benefits of ERP software without having to worry about your server and database infrastructure.

If you would like to learn more about how a fully integrated, scalable and flexible ERP system from Exel could help your business reach its full potential, then contact us today on +44 (0)115 946 0101 or fill out our contact form.

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