sideriselogoSiderise is focused on improving the safety of the world’s buildings through their passive fire solutions, and has been for nearly half a century.

In early 2016, the company had begun implementing a new ERP system, comprising a CRM system and a combined manufacturing and finance system, linked by a ‘connector’ tasked with keeping data common between the two systems.

However, after much effort to achieve what they wanted, Siderise couldn’t obtain the end-to-end visibility they expected – and the manufacturing and finance system were not as integrated as had been hoped for.

The acquisition by private equity investors was the spark that was needed to look to the market again.

“We were impressed by both the people who we met, and by what they said. It was clear that they were speaking our language – including EFACS E/8 in the systems that we were reviewing made perfect sense.”

Having chosen EFACS E/8, the pressure was on to provide a rapid implementation, remotely, during a pandemic and lockdown.

With great effort and expertise by all those involved, the results proved transformative:

“EFACS E/8 is really, really intuitive, it’s so logical – as long as you follow the processes, it’s simple and obvious and does what you expect. Why can’t all ERP systems be like that?”

To read about Siderise’s journey with EFACS E/8 and Exel in full, click here.

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