Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software may sound like a meaningless arrangement of words, but the difference it could make to your business is significant. ERP software could improve the way your business works on a day-to-day basis in so many different areas, and improve how your customers are served.

ERP software Benefits

Streamlining: ERP Software is designed to incorporate all areas of your business and streamline them in a way that makes it work better and more efficiently, creating multiple benefits. Larger businesses will find that as they have grown, their processes have become more complicated. ERP incorporates the processes of all departments and makes them uniform and compatible, providing everyone with up-to-date information on stock levels and other useful data.

Better Customer Service: Customer service is all based on information: the delivery date for the customer’s purchase, which department the customer needs to talk to about their problem, the availability of a certain product. ERP pools all of the useful information your customer service teams might need into one easy-to-reach location, so that they always have the right information to hand to give to the customer when they need it.

Better Informed Strategising: ERP is all about improved data management, so your strategy team will have all of the information they need to plan for the future. Stock levels, sales numbers, employee productivity and so much more will be pooled and easily accessible. ERP software allows you to make detailed reports that you can utilise in your next planning meeting to forecast and help in analysis.

Departmental Cooperation: For a customer to get the product they buy, quickly and easily, all of your departments need to be working together well. Marketing needs to entice them in with a special offer or attractive adverts. Supply and logistics need to keep the stock levels up-to-date to ensure the product can be bought. Customer services need to have accurate information in order to respond to any queries. ERP makes sure that every department has all the information it needs and the correct contacts in other departments if any problems or questions arise. The incorporation of several different back-end systems means that automatic processes occur with greater efficiency and success.

Better Mobility: Depending on your business, you might rely heavily on workers out of the office, who will need access to a variety of information. ERP incorporates smartphones and tablets, allowing employees out of the office access to the ERP system all in the palm of their hand. ERP complements and enhances mobile working and gives your business more flexibility.

Significant Cost Savings: Through streamlining, an ERP system will save you money. Quick to access, up-to-date information means that hold ups and barriers along the chain of command and your information line will be far less frequent and time-consuming. This means that you will be able to process orders faster and improve customer service.

Regulatory Compliance: With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) nearly upon us, it is more essential than ever that your data management remains up-to-date on new developments in the law. A powerful ERP system will make sure that your company is not left vulnerable to the significantly increased fines when the GDPR comes into effect. Half the task of complying with the GDPR is making sure that everyone knows and adheres to the changes and the ERP system will make sure everyone in the company is aware.


ERP software really does make a difference to all aspects of your business. The streamlining and incorporation of various departments and systems ensures that employees are empowered and processes are smoother and more successful. This will lead to cost saving and customer relationship improvements and a generally more robust business.

ERP Benefits

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