Traditional field service solutions have remained restricted to the service aspect while remaining distant to other departments and functional areas, hindering information sharing and decision making. To that end, field service engineers yearn for a solution that delivers real-time and comprehensive information; a solution that integrates functions such as stock control, warehousing, procurement, manufacturing, CRM, BI, and financials, without the overhead of additional processing requirements. However, the market has solutions that provide only partial integration with other business systems, and that too at a high cost.

With a deep understanding of the inherent challenges of the field service industry, over a decade ago Exel Computer Systems plc developed Eagle Field Service, a solution that is based on its flagship ERP system. With Eagle Field Service, Exel integrates traditionally standalone functions into a single solution to automate business processes, communications, and integrate a myriad of systems and devices seamlessly. To read further click here

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