Exel Insights Backup as a Service‘Big Data’ is all well and good – the more information you have, the better your understanding of your business – and modern business systems are certainly good at generating and collecting a lot of data; be that machine usage, KPIs, Bills of Materials, reports, orders, purchases, contact history, etc.

When it comes to managing the backup, storage and security of that data, there are some laborious tasks that need to be completed on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. Historically, data backups are made at the end of each workday, these are saved to tape drives, each day, or every few days these drives are taken to a fireproof safe – usually off-site – for safekeeping.

That scenario has been played out across all IT departments for decades now, and it not only effects the productivity of the IT department, it also allows the opportunity for mistakes to happen.

Back Up WebExel customers, whether deployed on-premises or hosted, can enjoy the peace of mind provided by a cost effective, fully-automated and comprehensive Backup as a Service (BaaS) offering. The benefits of taking the BaaS option makes the decision a relatively easy one.

The cost of the service will no doubt be less than that spent on man hours alone, should this be conducted by your IT department. The security provided will be extremely hard to match, and the continuous improvement philosophy of the service provider means they will always be as secure as they can be.

The backups will be fully automated according to a pre-devised plan. Access to a portal will be provided allowing you to review backups, and then, retrieve files for performing a restoration.

To find out more about Backup as a Service, all the benefits it can bring to your organisation and example costs, click here.

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