The company was formed in 1985 and now describes itself as a leading force in the provision of integrated business solutions for manufacturing companies and field service providers. Its two main products are EFACS E/8, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software package, and Eagle Field Service management software.

Carl Cridland, senior marketing executive at Exel Computer Systems, told Made in Britain, “We are the author of the software, there has been no collaboration with third parties in its development. Our solutions are comprehensive ‘all-in-one’ packages, which are flexible enough to cater for many industries. They are adaptable by the client and we have a policy of sustained investment in the development of the software.

“Exel has considered itself a part of the British manufacturing story for the last 35 years and we are proud of the advancements we have helped British manufacturers realise in that time. It is great to have the opportunity to be involved with the Made in Britain organisation as it enables collaboration and communication within the industry to try to push British manufacturing to the fore. Not only is that great for our business, it aids the British economy and generates the need for skilled employees.”

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