Published by UK service management software and ERP provider, Exel Computer Systems, this white paper looks at some of the challenges that companies can face as their mobile workforce grows to significant size. Concisely written, this white paper raises some interesting questions and provides some good advice, both for companies with a large mobile workforce, as well as those who foresee their organisation, and thus their mobile workforce, expanding in due course.

Whilst many of the challenges for field service companies are shared, regardless of company size or industry vertical, there are some challenges that appear specifically amongst those field service companies that operate with a larger mobile workforce.

Understanding these challenges, and how to minimise their impact on your business operations, is of course important for those field service managers and directors working for larger enterprises, however, it is also important for those managing smaller and medium businesses (particularly those with aspirations of growth), as the adoption of best practices now may mean your company can both potentially avoid such issues as you grow, and also enable you to grow your organisation faster.

This white paper from Exel Computer Systems addresses some of these issues and offers some great insight into how to overcome them.

To read in full, please click on the following link: Field Service News – How do large Field Service companies gain competitive advantage?

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