We all know someone that is affected by Cancer, the help people get from Macmillian goes a tremendously long way to easing the suffering.

Andrew Pound and others from Coram UK nearly doubled their charity target in early August having met their golfing challenge of completing 72 holes in a single day.

This achievement was made all the more challenging due to this year’s heatwave. Yet, the team struggled on to complete all 72 holes in just over 14 hours, ending up blistered, sunburnt and exhausted. They were, however, ecstatic to complete the challenge and especially happy with exceeding their intended financial goal.

Exel is happy to have played its part in helping them exceed this goal and appreciate their support in wearing Exel’s logo.

Donations are still accepted should you wish to push them to over double their intended target: https://longestdaygolf.macmillan.org.uk/Team/brean72

Congratulations to the team!


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