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Our Clients

We have clients in a range of different sectors. As testament to the success of our software solutions, below you will find various case studies explaining how different companies have implemented our ERP and Field Service Management systems and the advantages this has brought them.


Designers and manufacturers of point of sale displays for some of the world’s leading cosmetics, jewellery and electronics brands, DIAM sees a significant return on investment from EFACS E/8.

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A single solution for ERP and FSM turns out to be a game changer for Safetell, a manufacturer and installer of security solutions such as bullet-resistant doors and partitions, and attack-resistant screens for use in banks.

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Sheffield-headquartered Gripple, a manufacturer of wire joining, tensioning and suspension products, first implemented Exel's EFACS ERP offering in the mid-1990s, partially upgrading and extending it in the mid-2000s. But by 2013, it was clear that the business had outgrown the capabilities of the system.

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Reabrook is a chemical manufacturer that produces aerosol and liquid products. They became an Exel customer back in 2010, and our EFACS E/8 software provided them with an integrated solution that still continues to unleash the potential of their business. Read the full case study below.

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Dale Power Solutions

Is bespoke or off-the-shelf better? Thanks to Exel's EFACS E/8, the best of both worlds is available. Following a business process review, Dale Power Solutions has found EFACS has improved its management reporting, enabled business process automation and supported strong business growth.

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Safestyle UK have been manufacturing and installing affordable, high quality, energy efficient, secure windows and doors for homeowners across England and Wales for over 20 years.

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A Yorkshire-based manufacturer of DIY solvents, fillers, adhesives and woodcare products, Bartoline has been a user of Exel Computer Systems' EFACS E/8 ERP system since 2001.

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Advanex Europe Ltd is the European Headquarters of the Advanex Group, a global corporation specialising in precision engineering solutions. Our domain is metal and plastic components, springs and assemblies.

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