Orbital find Exel can meet its needs without compromise.

Orbital Fabrications Ltd is a specialist in stainless steel welding and assembly, providing gas and liquid delivery systems to the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, aerospace, chemical, nuclear and allied industries.

By mid-2016, it had become clear that Orbital Fabrications had outgrown its internal systems, explains the company’s Business Development Manager, Graham Scrivener.

“We had a basic CRM system, a Sage accounting system – and lots of spreadsheets and paper-based systems,” he recalls. “We were spending hours in internal meetings, passing spreadsheets around the table. We realised that if we wanted to continue to grow as we had been doing, then we would need to invest in something better.”

The problem? Orbital Fabrications is not a large business. Family-owned, it had at that point just 45 employees, with sales revenues of just under £6 million. What was required, the company soon realised, was an affordable system that offered the capabilities that it needed, without imposing a significant implementation and administration burden on the business.

“As we began our search, it was something of a shock to discover the number of providers in the marketplace – and the cost, and complexity, of the systems that were on offer,” says Graham. “We wanted to do the job properly, and soon realised that it was going to take a long time to investigate every option.”

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