Exel is pleased to announce the addition of two well-established companies to its ever-expanding list of clients. The following two companies not only made the decision to partner with Exel at around the same time, they were also able to obtain funding for their projects via the Made Smarter Programme.

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The Made Smarter Programme, currently delivered as a ‘pilot’ to manufacturers in the North West, is designed to help you understand new industrial technologies, and help you to develop a strategy for implementation of those technologies, that fit in with your core business needs.

In addition to providing insight around your teams’ changing needs, through a dedicated leadership programme and access to a technology intern, the scheme can offer up to 50% match-funding for its implementation. This may include new business software or hardware to assist businesses in achieving their goal.

First up, a fellow ‘Made in Britain’ member – United Automation Ltd – a leading UK designer & manufacturer of industrial power control products. This impressive company, established in 1964, had long realised the potential on offer when moving to a modern, comprehensive ERP solution.

After reviewing the market for over 6 years, the impetus to move was brought home by the fact that their Sage system had come to the end of its life and support would soon come to an end.

Having been aware of EFACS E/8 for quite a while, though their comprehensive research of the market, the Managing Director at United Automation, Dean Fashoni, finally decided the EFACS E/8 software, and Exel as a company, would be a great fit for their needs moving forward.

Of most benefit from the outset would be much more efficient, automated processes; not only saving time but also vastly reducing error – especially where their web sales are concerned.

Improvements in the accounts and production scheduling areas of the business – especially with the recent addition of the MRP Workbench to EFACS E/8 – were of great interest; as were the powerful reporting functionalities, such as Menu Dashboards.

It was at the Smart Factory Expo, where, as an exhibitor, we introduced Dean to the team at Made Smarter, who were raising awareness of the technology adoption pilot to manufacturers in the North West – from there, United Automation made their case in an application for grant funding and were accepted. As EFACS E/8 was already registered on the technology supplier list with Made Smarter, this made the process just that little bit simpler.

The second company to join us at Exel, and fulfilling the requirements laid out by the Made Smarter scheme – Clean Air Ltd – A leading specialist in fume cupboard and fume extract system design, manufacture, installation and maintenance. Clean Air’s fume cupboards and fume extract systems have been keeping people safe throughout the UK and around the globe for over 25 years.

Will Perrott, Clean Air’s Managing Director, comments on their recent decision, “We’ve known for a while that it would be difficult to grow the business with our current mix of software, databases and excel spreadsheets, none of which talked to each other. We spent a lot of time working out what we needed, both now, and in the future. Then we talked to a number of potential suppliers to see whose products could meet our requirements.”

“Exel’s EFACS product meets all our needs and a lot more too. It will allow us to streamline our business administration functions, share digital information to our factory and site based personnel, and give leaders real-time information to manage the business more effectively. A key feature for us is the product configurator that really fits with our fume cupboard offering.”

“We were fortunate to be given support from Made Smarter which allowed us to move forward with the project, at a time when many companies are holding back on investment due to the effects of Covid-19. We know it will be a challenge implementing the system, but we are really looking forward to having a modern, integrated business system.”

Exel look forward to a close working relationship with these customers long into the future.

About Made Smarter:
Made Smarter is a national programme to help businesses who make things capitalise on new digital technologies. Made Smarter’s North West pilot connects makers to the digital tools that will make an everyday difference to their business. The £20 million partnership between government and industry will provide match-funding, specialist advice, digital internships and leadership training. Helping up to 3,000 small and medium-sized businesses – and the people in them – keep their competitive edge. And adding up to £115 million to the region’s economy. For more information visit madesmarter.uk

Should you be considering a project to modernise your business, ask our sales team about potential government grants to aid you in your progress.

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